About Us

Since 1975, Vrain has provided exceptional tax credit solutions to businesses throughout the United States.  We are proud to have earned an unequaled reputation for exceeding the tax credit needs of the business communities in which we operate.  Vrain is recognized for its professionalism and commitment.  

Vrain is a unique team of dedicated professionals who are committed to customer satisfaction. More than 100 years of experience is utilized everyday in meeting our customers’ specialized tax credit requirements.  We strive to build long term stable relationships with our customers.  The low turnover among our staff fosters these kinds of relationships.  To grow, we must remain customer focused.  Vrain is committed to providing exceptional customer service.  

Our goal is to deliver the best quality and most reliable service at the lowest possible price consistent with our high standards of quality.  This goal and our dedication to excellence and continuous process improvement has propelled Vrain to its pre-eminent place as the leader in earning tax credits for our clients since 1975. 


  • Continuous improvement and dedication to total quality.
  • Committed to excellence in quality, personalized service, and a high standard of business ethics.  
  • Dedicated to meeting and exceeding the individual needs of our clients.

How We Do It 

  • Utilize state of the art hardware and software coupled with an exceptional cross trained staff.
  • The personnel team constantly monitors Federal and State tax legislation.  
  • Access  to senior executives. 

Legal Partners

  • Woods Rogers, and Hazelgrove  
  • LeClairRyan Law Firm.   
  • Buchanan Ingersoll, PC  in Washington, DC.
  • Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore